Usage of logo


So basically my companys name is KWP Webdesign.
KWP stands for my name Kevin Willads Petersen.

My portfolio is - [noparse][/noparse]

  1. So basically this is my logo -
  2. This is the logo with webdesign included -

So to my question.

Where should I use the logos?
As you can see on my website I use logo nr. 1.
On my email signature I use logo nr 1.
On my twitter I use logo nr 1.
On Facebook I use logo nr 1.

Well… the reason why I use logo nr 1 is because it looks better without the text, but is it bad to not have the whole name as the logo? (Logo nr. 2)


I think the main reason to use a logo is to brand your business.

Generally, it’s best to include the text, I feel, unless your brand is as famous as something like McDonalds. “KWP” means nothing to most people, but “KWP webdesign” will mean something.

Yeah you’re right, I kinda wanted that response to make sure that what I thought was alright.

So thanks guys! (:

What is meaning of your website logo KWP it doesn’t matter. this is matter that you have to improve your website business. so you can use anything,which is suitable and also improve your business.