Usa free debt credit card for whole world people

im not in the Usa,but i need a debt credit card/credit card
i saw a website provide this services
they show me these pics below

this account can open “Paypal,Ebay,Bidpay,2Checkout,,Stormpay” account, and only provide personal passport to them is ok, and no any depoist requestment just like “2000 usd at least” or “$10000.00 at least"

can anybody tell me is that true?

or some others banks also provide these services?

thanks for ur post!

It would be nice, FYI, to know WHICH service you are talking about :slight_smile:

FYI,For Your Information ? can u introduce a website(or a bank) can use FYI to apply a debt credit card? thanks!

Can you rephrase the whole question? I am not sure I get what you are wanting.

i means what is the relationship between FYI and the applicaiton a Us credit card? and how can i apply a Us credit card only provide my passport?

If you need a debit card, get a PayPal card :).

I think you need a help of debt settlement attorney…