US Traffic is no longer worth much

I’m using a couple of networks that uses the Right Media Platform and i have noticed my US cpm is about $0.04 while countries like china is about $0.05. I remember when the US cpm used to be over 0.40 and china less than a penny.
is it just me or is it really true that the US traffic is no longer worth much?
Which countries are making the most money for you?
do you try to market your sites to the countries that make the most money for you?

What you are seeing is only representative of the advertisers in the networks that you work with.

While generalizations are never good, I think is fair to say that consumers with more disposable income might be worth more to most advertisers than those with less.

Of course, the devil is always in the details, which means the consumer has to want your product or at least have the propensity to want it if you can convince him.

For me US traffic only works well, especially in e-commerce sites…>90% sale from US…and also my 80% traffic from US…

If I’m going to market my site in a certain place, I’d pick the place where my business stands. When I hit the global market, that would still be the priority, because the market where the business is can help you out in spreading the word without you having to do anything. The reason why the CPM ratings went down is probably because a lot have found a similar product or service.