URL rewriting based on specific folders

So I have Magento ecommerce installed in the root folder of a domain and a Wordpress blog (their old site) installed in /blog/.

There are several pages (contact, about, learning center, etc) that are part of the wordpress but we want the URLs to be on the root of the site.

So we want to make a bunch of the wordpress pages not appear to be in the /blog/ folder.

site.com/blog/about/team/site.com/about/team/ (have quite a few sub pages to /about/)
site.com/nonwp/page.htmlsite.com/nonwp/page.html (shouldn’t effect non-wordpress pages)

So how can I make a rewrite that would check if the current page is site.com/x/ (where x is set by me manually to include individual pages as well as all subpages within a category) and load the url at site.com/blog/x/?

Seems really messy but I hope that’s clear. Thanks in advance!