Url redirection

i have created a form which have an input textfield used to filled in the url’s name. eg:(google). the effect that i want to get is when i put the mouse key hover on the text google. the url display on the tool bar is my site’s internal address. eg:(http://example.com/… ) then click the text google. it will go to the google site.

the input textfield is used to fill in some url’s name. how to get this in php, thank you.

i do this is only for substracting my site’s outlink.

Well there are numerous ways to do this, if I am understanding your problem correctly.

You could use a “short url” which will then redirect. For example:

<a href="http://mydomain.com/go/25asd/">Outlink</a>

To generate that sort of url you can use Shorty: http://get-shorty.com/ Which is basically just a URL shortening tool similar to tinyurl.com.

This way when someone hovers over the link it will show mydomain.com.

Best of luck.