URL Links from UNIX to IIS

I’ve set the link up as file:///M|/folder/folder/file.xlsx Link doesn’t work.

I’ve also tried




None of these work.

What am I doing wrong?

I’m using IE8 and dreamweaver CS5 on a Windows 7 system.

I don’t really know why you are using that weird method but I suspect you meant to write: file:///M://xxxx/xxxx/file.xlsx

If you’ve copied the file locally to a Windows system, then you’d have to use a Windows path:

If it’s online, it will externally always use UNIX-style paths:

Even if the server is IIS, if you are trying to reach the file externally there will be UNIX-style urls. This is why even though there are plenty of IIS servers out there on the web, all web URLs are still domain.com/path/to/file

Internally from a Windows machine to local IIS server, I have no idea, but I’d think it would be 100% Windows-style paths (so no file:/// stuff).

ok, thanks!