URL Forwarding and Register.com

Let me tell you, this is nothing short of cyberspace piracy!

My boss bought a domain name at register.com, and I set up URL forwarding so that our new domain name (www.modelexpowholesale.com) will resolve to a web page inside our existing website (modelexpo-online.com/whlist).

But now there’s a lovely Register.com banner on every page of my site! They’ve got some sort of frame set up, so every page of our website shows up with an ad for Register.com!


Is it just me, or is this completely ASININE!? We pay our $35 for the domain name, but now they want us to shell out another $50 to USE IT? It’s like buying a car, and then the dealership want to charge you for removing the bumper sticker with their dealership name on it!

Is there some trick to doing my own URL forwarding, or am I screwed?

Thanks in advance,

Just log in and change the DNS settings to a different host (free or pay) This will remove the banner as the domain will no longer be hosted with them!