Url can't changed because it calls function?

Hi all
According to my dev in the MVC structure we have the function is interlinked to the url so it is impossible to change this url:

Does that sound correct? Thanks!

The pretty url will work just as well :slight_smile:

@oddz: I only found out about mod_rewrite after I’d been programming websites for about 3 years :blush:. So assuming that everyone knows it is not necessarily true …

Have you ever seen that little britain sketch “computer says no” oddz check it out on youtube. Everything is possible these days it’s 2010!! :slight_smile:

I am not asking this to go behind his back I am trying to help him! :rofl:

There may be factors at work, beyond control that make the suggested option not viable. Considering the developer your working with probably has a better understanding of those things, its probably best to just listen rather than going behind his/her back asking people who have absolutely no familiarity with the environment. Its a bit of a d**k head move considering there probably are most likely decisions within the environment or set-up that may not make it as easy as you would think. Maybe I’m wrong, but I would assume most people are familiar with mod-rewrite and to say it isn’t going to work probably means there are other factors in the equation.

Great thanks scallio that is what I thought, so the link will be pretty url gets redirected to ugly url? Or the pretty url will work just as well? Cheers

Everything is doable until you actual begin doing things. All decisions result in limitations.

The URL itself can’t be changed, but you can use tools like mod_rewrite for Apache, or IsapiRewrite for IIS to create pretty URL’s that make the web server internally serve the other (less attractive) URL while the visitor sees the prettier version :slight_smile:

Everything has a solution it’s like when apple decided that the mp3 players were rubbish and developed the ipod, or when henry ford decided to stop listening to his clients because they were suggesting he made a faster horse. Everything is doable. Decisions resulting in limitations mean that you have to make other decisons. It’s the american can do attitude versus our british can’t do attitude! I took the following decision- get rid of the MVC do it all in jquery. Problem solved :slight_smile: