URL and h1 tag do they have to be the same

Does the h1 tag for a page and the url have to be the same?


url - www.something.com/food-from-italy
h1 page tag - A meatlover pizza with no meat!

Does the hinder SEO or would it be better to have the h1 tag similar to the URL?


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Having a more meaningful URL string can be helpful to visitors, Eg:-
example.com/food-from-italy means more than example.com?article=248
If you were trying to find that page again in your history, the descriptive URL is much easier to find and recognise.
But in terms of SEO I believe that the URL has very little bearing on search results.

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H1 must be similar to the page title and meta keywords because it contains the most significant keyword for that page. It aids viewers in understanding the content of your page.


The H1 does not have to match the URL, nor does it have to match page titles or keywords because it’s purely informational for the site visitors. Especially since you can have more than one H1 on a page. It’s atypical, but it’s allowed.

H1 simply delineates a heading that should be given the most importance for a page/section/article/whatever. H2 is slightly less important, H3 less than that, etc.


The <h1> to <h6> heading tags do not help most visitors to a web page understand the content of a page because the visitors would not be aware which content is within heading tags. They can see what text is headings, sub-headings etc from the graphical layout of the page.

However heading tags may well help users of screen reading software navigate within a web page to find information they are looking for. Most web pages display a title within the content of the page. This title may not contain the same text as the HTML document element. For example text may be shorter so as to tend to fit within a browser tab. The title of a web page displayed within the content of a page should be within <h1> tags for the benefit of users of screen reading software. It makes sense for there to be only one <h1> element on a web page. It may be helpful for users of screen reading software if there are no gaps in the numerical sequence of heading tags.

Of course heading tags are probably helpful to search engines.

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