URGENT -- DOJO Dialog Box -- How come there is apostrophe?

As shown in the picture below, you can see the word “Chinese Swimming Club” in the dialog box
Why is the quotation marks there ?
Is it possible to remove the quotation marks and just display the pic + the words Chinese Swimming Club ?

Part of the coding:

//Display name on infoWindow
function displayTitle(name, x, y, address){
	return name + " <a href='#' onClick='showDirectionsDiaglog(\\""+name+"\\", "+x+", "+y+", \\""+address+"\\")'><img src='images/direction.png' alt='Get driving directions'/></a>";
//Display dialog box
 function showDirectionsDiaglog(name, x, y, address){
	var d = dijit.byId("dialogDirections");
	d.set("title", "<center><img src='images/direction.png'>&nbsp;\\""+name+"\\"</center>");	
	d.closeButtonNode.style.display = "none";
	document.getElementById("txtTo").value = address;


The name (Chinese Swimming Club) is retrieved from my database (I am using Microsoft SQL Server 2005)

Please help. Thank you.

I don’t see an apostrophe there. Do you mean the quotation marks around Chinese Swimming Club?

I’m sorry, I am bad in the names of punctuation marks.

Yes, the quotation marks. Can they be removed ?

Those will be the escaped quotes that are around the name.

They look like this in the code: \"

Remove them.

thank you for your help