URGENT-Can i Instantly de-Index my site?

I created a test site with a brand and logo i will use for my official site.

I just discovered today that my test site is listed on Page 1 of the seach results for keywords i am targeting.

I need to remove it asap! Or else it will damage my brand name and logo.

Is there a quick way to do this?

I just used the “Opt Out” option in google search console. Says it will take up to 30 days to remove. Hopefully this was the best method to use.

You could also add a permanent 301 redirect to the proper location?


Too late now, but for future reference, I put a robots meta tag into pages that are on-line during development to keep them from being indexed before they are ready.

<meta name="robots" content="nofollow, noarchive, noindex">

That only opts you out of certain features, not out of search results.

To remove URLs from search results, you need to follow these guidelines:

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Oh ok thanks.

Will it be enough to just add the TLD url to remove the entire site?

Or will i have to do it page by page?

Unfortunately i cant do that.

Only the test site is online. I am still building the official site offline.

So theres no place to redirect to atm.

It’s not something I’ve ever needed to do. You’ll need to read the guidelines, look at the options and decide for yourself. It would be helpful if you could then post back here with the answer for anybody else with a similar problem.

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Just applying it to the TLD seems to have worked.


“Important! This will remove all Google Search results for all pages in the site “example.com” for at least 90 days.”

Phew. Pressures off ^^


You could put an htaccess username/password on the site. That would prevent casual access and indexing.

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