Urgent banner script help

I’m in urgent need of help, i have to finish this banner tonight and i’m bit stuck

the image is attached to make things clear

basically the idea was the have the text blured and once you move the magnifying glass over the image it goes clear to be able to read it
i dont need the words to actually be magnified

i kinda have a rough idea how it might work, maybe… not too good with script but my thought would be to put a mask around the magnifing glass and tell it once it goes over the text (hit area) show the other image in the mask.
does that make sense?

but i dont have a clue how to do it, or script to even move the magnifying glass with the mouse. if i cant figure it outim gona to have to change the banner idea but i thought id give this a go.

Oh and as for the image, i have a clear and blur version of each text. i use put one on blur and one clear to show you whati ment

sorry if i don’t make much sense, not really good at explaining things


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I’m no Flash guru but couldn’t you use a looping blur effect on the image then on mouseover just stop the effect?

thanks, i didnt know i could blur in flash, iv blured it
but would the way you say work so that it would only not blur through the glass
if that makes sense…
if i dont that on a mask on the glass, that sounds like it would work but i wouldnt know the script for it =S