Upoad and Edit Flash Image App - Component or Code?


Wondering if you guys can help. I have been asked to develop an image upload flash application that also allows you to fully edit the uploaded image by someone, i have a rough idea of as2 and as3 coding but this looks pretty indepth.

I have attached an image and the link of 2 editors that are currently online that do a very similar job to what i am after. The image is shown on a canvas ‘net’ with the image overlaid on top where the user can drag/scale/rotate the image, plus if the user changes the size of the canvas the sides of the canvas ‘net’ adjust to suit.

Flash Editor 1.png attachment (link below)

Flash Editor 2.png attachment (link below)

Now i am still trying to work out the best way of going about this but i was a bit shocked to find that both companies use a pretty much identical editor (as can be seen in the attachments). This led me to think are they are using a flash component that can be bought by anyone or did they just both happen to build the flash code themselves?

Does anyone know if this editor can be bought as a component, if not how hard to you think it would be to build the code from scratch?

Any help appreciated would be great.

Many thanks