Uploading source code to github... is it legal?

I was reading through the Terms and Conditions and I was wondering if it is ok if I put the results of my lessons up on github and/or my server. I’m not talking about putting the lessons themselves up or anything, just the code I write while taking the course.

This would eventually be a small piece in a larger portfolio of code.

Is that ok?

If you wrote the code, I’d say it’s OK, but it’s best to check with the course providers. If your answers are likely to aid other course members, it might not be regarded so favorably.

Can you be more specific? Are you talking about University Courses, Courses from an Online Provider (such as, Sitepoint Premium) or something else?

A lot of people put their online courses in GitHub, or if you wanted to make it more private, and didn’t want to pay for a Private Repo from GitHub, BitBucket is a great alternative. That way, it at least won’t be public and you can still source control your work.

Hello, if you wrote by your shelf the code, yes you can upload it for sure on github and you can also update it when you need it

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I am talking about Sitepoint Premium classes, specifically the PHP & MySQL for Beginners course. Some of the source code is provided and we modify it throughout the course. I’m only a couple lessons in but I assume most of it is boilerplate.

Hey @Scott
I don’t see anything wrong with you uploading your course code samples into GitHub. I would only ask that you make a reference to where the code came from (course name). :slight_smile:



Thank you for the information. The name of the repo mentions Sitepoint and the description is the name of the course. I’ll put a few blurbs in the readme, too.



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