Uploading CSS File into WordPress

Very new to HTML coding - I am trying to set up an e-merchant account and we as told that I need to upload a CSS file to do so. I created the CSS in notepad and need to upload into the program Word Press. Can someone please tell me where I should do this?

Thank you!

I assume you started with an HTML/CSS version of the layout, already have wordpress installed and a theme ready to go? If so, then you need to copy/paste the .css from your layout into the stylesheet.css file in your themes folder. Make sure to leave and edit the theme info at the top of this file. As it will not work without it?

I have one theme loaded but will be adding another theme for the donate page on my siteā€¦Are the procedures for adding a second css file different?

Well no, but you can only use one theme at a time.

If you want to style one page differently from the rest. You add the .css for it to the existing style sheet for the active theme then create a page template for the new (different) page and choose it when writing/editing the page in question. :slight_smile: