Uploaded site and it won't work

Didn’t know which forum to put this in.

I just uploaded my site to test it on a free hosting server and the ReWriteRules in the .htaccess won’t work.

When I was programming the site locally this sort of ReWriteRule worked:

ReWriteRule ^about$ about.php

and that would show the about.php page but on this new free hosting for testing its on a subdomain like http://www.mysitename.hostingname.com and I can’t seem to figure out how the .htaccess works when your on a subdomain. Any ideas? Thanks.

I have a feeling that some free hosting accounts don’t support .htaccess etc. Since hosting can be as cheap as $3 per month, I don’t see the point of struggling with a free hosting service.

ReWriteRule should be RewriteRule, i.e. no capital W, although I don’t suppose it really matters.
The rule looks okay though, and I assume you have RewriteEngine On in that .htaccess somewhere?
If you do, it’s probably like Ralph says and the host doesn’t support .htaccess