Uploaded A Topsites Script To My Forum & Dont Understand This Part

I just uploaded a topsites script to my forum, some of it worked, but its not showing correctly.
My Forum Home Page: http://www.xboxlivefan.org/
My Forum TopSites Page: http://partnerforums.xboxlivefan.org/
TopSites Script I Used: http://www.webestools.com/scripts_tutorials-code-source-11-top-site-php-script-install-a-php-top-site-on-his-web-site.html

I read the instructions in the file i download the script in.
It says…

To use this system, you must create a “topsite” table in your database.
This is the query to execute:

– Table structure for table topsite

CREATE TABLE topsite (
id int(11) NOT NULL,
name varchar(55) NOT NULL,
url varchar(255) NOT NULL,
description varchar(255) NOT NULL,
banner varchar(255) NOT NULL,
email varchar(255) NOT NULL,
votes int(11) NOT NULL,
status varchar(2) NOT NULL

Then, you have to edit the config.php file by using the right values in the variables.

How do i create a table in my database?
Can you please also tell me what it means when it say i have to edit the config.php file by using the right values in the variables?
It you could it would be appreciated…
… Thanks:P

By running the code you’ve provided (the SQL), that will create a table for you. Note, you should run the code in PHPmyAdmin.

As per the config file, in most cases, it’ll require you edit it to contain your DB’s info (password, db name, host, etc…) The config file should have comments and documentation of what it needs exactly.

Ok, thanks for your help.