Upgrading from dreamweaver 8?

ok, I am the first to admit that I am not a coder, building sites in notepad is not my thing. However, I really like using CSS for just about everything, just love the flexibility it gives.

I have been using dw8 for basic stuff and then Rapid CSS as more and more I build my small simple sites in html and css. The trouble is dw8 does not render the css correctly, if at all, and I am finding that I use Komposer/NVU in preference to dw8 but then dw8 has much better file and ftp management. What I am after is something that does both, the latest vrsion of dw looks great but SO expensive. MS Web Expression 3 looks like it has potential but again expensive.

Anyone have experience of expression 3 or can you recommend any alternatives?

I know you may not like this, but I am going to recommend that you stick with DW. It seems to me that you do something, preview/upload it, and when you view it you see it looking like junk, and you (usually) know where to click or whatever to fix it… Slowly you are learning and down road you will try to jump to code mode.

I have been developing for years, I ditched designer mode months after getting dw. That being said, I hate using notepad to code, because of all the shortcuts i have in dw…

I would say ditch the WYSIWYG editor and learn to code by hand, your CSS won’t screw up if you do it yourself. Leaving your style or structure down to a piece of software will ensure your code doesn’t end up as clean or working as possible. No piece of software can produce the same results as a professional using a standard code editor and their own knowledge of HTML and CSS (computers have no comprehension of the semantic value of content). I recommend using Notepad++ (it’s free) if you want to code by hand. If not, Dreamweaver is probably the best you can expect to get from a visual editor… which shows how poor they are. :slight_smile: