Upgrade and/or On-Line course?

Hi. I am determined to learn how to create web pages/sites.

Does anyone know of an ‘on-line’ course, having trouble finding one?

I have CS3 Extended, should I stick with this and buy a “Web Site for Dummies” book, or is there a better alternative? Happy to buy upgrade or other software if necessary.

Aiming to go professional… one day. (Just love a challenge.)

As I live on an isolated cattle station in the Pilbara WA, an “on-line” course is the only option as I cannot attend classes. (We have Satellite Internet.)

I have Windows 7, 32 Bit – and a lot of time on my hands…

Hi 1BADMOTHER! Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

You really don’t need fancy software to build websites. Default programs that come with your PC and/or which you download for free are perfectly good, so CS3 is even better, and there’s not need to buy more.

There are online courses, but I’d recommend getting a good book first. SitePoint has some good ones, listed here:

Of course, there are lots more on Amazon.

As for online courses, SitePoint has been running some of those too, listed here:

Perhaps something like Practical CSS would be a good place to start. But in my opinion, nothing beats a book to start with.

Good luck, and feel free to ask lots of questions. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help. It is not easy staggering around in the dark, (so to speak).

Have looked at CSS books, but should I buy one with Html, Xhtml AND Css?

Good question, and in my opinion, yes. A popular one is Head First: HTML with CSS and XHTML, O’Reilly, Freeman, ISBN 0-596-10197-X.

I got my start with Stylin’ with CSS, which also goes over HTML too, and I think it’s an excellent intro to web design. It’s published by New Riders, by Wyke-Smith, ISBN 978-0-52556-7.

Hawking our own books, Ian Lloyd’s Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way is a classic. SP veteran Alex Dawson wrote a book, [URL=“http://www.amazon.com/Getting-StartED-Building-Websites-Alexander/dp/1430225173”]Getting Started Building Websites, that is very good, especially as it goes into some of the theory behind the craft. I have a [URL=“http://www.iraqtimeline.com/maxdesign/basicdesign/links.html”]pretty good list of resources on my own site.

wow, Alex’s book is a real bargain at the amazon price!

online places that might help you include http://www.webdesignfromscratch.com/articles-and-tutorials/

Alex’s book is a steal. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for all your help. Now that you have given me a starting point, I see that the options for books and free on-line courses are mind-blowing.

Have spent many hours researching all your suggestions and reading reviews etc.

The book “CSS: The Missing Manual by David Sawyer McFarland” has excellent reviews, as does “Head First: HTML with CSS and XHTML, O’Reilly, Freeman”.

Has anyone used or heard anything about “CSS: The Missing Manual”? According to some web sites, it comes in just in front of “Head First”.


I can vouch for “CSS: The Missing Manual by David Sawyer McFarland” as an excellent book. He also does one on Dreamweaver CS3 which is also an excellent book.

I am currently working my way through these two books and can thoroughly recommend both of them.

He works through a series of exercises for a fictitious site and each chapter build on the previous ones. He has a very easy going style which I find quite helpful.

He also does a book on Javascript which I plan to study when the time is right for me.

Hope all that helps - just my opinion of course,



Thanks for that Brities, you’ve made an “old dear” very happy…

I will order both the books today!

Kindest regards


Glad to be of help, let us know what you think of the books when you get a chance, might be useful to others,



Will do!!!

And thank all of you for your help and support.