Updating removing pictures


My client wants be able to only update/remove pictures like a gallery.
Wich would be the easiest for that for me to do without any experience with any CMS really.


The whole site is only gallery?

A good system I’ve used for allowing clients access to modify galleries or pictorial content without accessing the rest of a website is Director from SlideShowPro. It is pretty cheap and will give you a professional and simple interface for the client to upload and create galleries. You just pick up the generated line of code and publish it. The program takes care of supplying customised photos to whatever device you are viewing the website on.

He wanna be able to insert a picture, over the picture the name of it, and under the price. That’s what he wanna be able to do, insert his own pics with title and price.

How would that be possible on this site?

Under the paragraph is where the pictures should go.

Look at it to see.


Would this work for him to insert pictures with title and price under?