Updating .php pages after checking out of a shopping cart on mals-e.com

My shopping carts are hosted on Mals e-com, work flawlessly and have done so for many years, so I don’t want to change anything there.

However, Mal’s forum is down so I can’t ask this question there. I’m hoping someone here can help me figure out the logic of what I’m hoping to be able to do.

I have pages of trophy donations set up for the BCOA specialty: https://borzoiclubofamerica.org/cart-trophies-BB.php

These pages needed to go up FAST so I couldn’t take the time to figure out how to make them autoupdate. I of course have discovered that it’s a royal pain to update them manually each time I see a trophy donation go through the shopping cart (I have all cart orders copied to me in case the treasurer’s computer crashes and she loses everything).

I’m trying to get my brain around how this could be done and am drawing a blank. What I’m hoping can happen for next year’s donations is that a person goes to the donation page, chooses which trophy they’d like to sponsor, goes to the cart and pays for it and THEN the page automatically updates with their name as sponsor and any dedication they entered.

I do know how to populate a MySQL database with their information. Where I’m stuck is getting the page to display the changed data AFTER they’ve paid. If it was just a case of having the page update as soon as they choose the trophy I’m sure I could do that but I don’t want it to update until they’ve paid.

Any thoughts on how this would work? It’s been almost 10 years since I last worked on building pages which submit to a database and my brain is shorting out. :>)

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