Updateing website database

How can i schedule and automatically ftp a file from my computor to my website database table?

This would involve a scheduled task on your home computer. Do you use Linux, Windows or Mac?

The basic flow would be:

  • At a specified time/interval, your computer sends a HTTP request to your PHP file with the zip file as a file attachment.
  • Depending on the format of the zip file, you could possibly upload directly into MySQL. Otherwise, you’d have to decompress the zip file and process it from there

The former part would be on your client computer, the latter on the PHP server as a normal PHP file.

On the client computer, this can be done in whatever programming language you choose. This would depend on your knowledge of such languages and the operating system on the client computer; C++ or Java would be good choices. PHP IS a possibility, but I think the desktop-based languages would be more ideal.