Update links when changing URL

I develop custom themes and will build an entire site on my local development computer. This includes entering the content (text, images etc) in the wordpress CMS.
When I upload the site to the internet, any links to images don’t work any more because they reference the development site.
I usually go into each page and correct the links, however why doesn’t wordpress automatically update this when you change the URL in Settings?
Is there an easier way than manually changing each link in the CMS?


Install a plugin that does 303 redirects for you. It is one of the ways GOogle wont hurt you or count some content as duplicates. Although I hear if the same domain is used it may not count against you but may hurt in the long-run.

Thanks for your reply but I’m not really sure this is what I need. Google isn’t involved as its only a development site and search engines are turned off. I don’t turn them on on the live site until I’ve fixed all the links in the CMS.

There are several ways to do this. Have a look here and choose the one that works best for you.