Unsold IPv4 - how many of them?

While networks are transferring into IPv6, how many of the IPv4 IPs might have been unsold yet?

It seems that still the hosting providers are ready and happy to provide dedicated IPs between 1 and 5, to their customers.

What is the real statistics and distribution of IPv4?
When is IPv4 really going to finish being used.

Do you mean unsold or unused? There are lots of organizations who have unused IPv4 addresses. Any IPv4 addresses that aren’t claimed go back to ICANN.

This is a good overview of the situation: IPv4 address exhaustion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ICANN sold the last of the IPv4 addresses that they held some time ago. They have all been allocated to specific countries. Individual country Domain Authorities may or may not have allocated all of the addresses allocated to them to the various ISPs and web hosts within their country.

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My mum once asked if it was OK for my parents to switch internet provider, and if internet would still work after switching. She’d read that “the internet addresses have run out” :slight_smile: