Unlimted Bandwidth/Disk Space offers

I by default consider when I see a site offering unlimited anything it’s something to stay away from.

That being said, to truly be honest it’s not fair for me to jump to that conclusion.

What do you think when you see unlimited on features for hosting?
I can understand unlimited calling to support and tickets for fully managed support (you’re paying for that when you select that).
When it comes to disk space and/or bandwidth just strikes me wrong. I could be wrong on this. That’s why I’m asking.

All the unlimited space/bandwidth means is that the limits they apply are to something else.

Many unlimited space offers have a maximum number of files you can store there.

I figure that when you offer unlimited. You simply put in the TOS that if you utilize over X% of the resources of the server (CPU) you will be disabled. That fine print seems to be lost on many.

It is totally wrong that companies offering Unlimited Diskspace or Bandwidth can actually provide Unlimited.
The logic behind this marketing technique is that most normal/business/personal websites don’t even utilize 1000Gb of bandwidth per month. There are only few big websites which are using more than 5000GB/5TB of bandwidth per month.
Now for example you bought a hosting 8$ per month, thinking that this is unlimited and you won’t need to worry. There are high chances that you won’t be able to utilize even 1tb in first few month, even if you are working on big project. But they will be receiving 8$ from you. This will cover their future cost, if in any case you will be using more space and bandwidth.

Nothing is UN-Limited, check out server configuration and TOS of the host.

Yes, right. Nothing is Unlimited in this Hosting Industry. They’ll limit you with CPU usage, resource limitation, etc. So you must read the TOS before signing-up with the Organization.

Yes they can - it is really easy.

They offer unlimited disk space and a 20,000 file limit and restrict you to only uploading files that are a part of your web site.

So you can’t just store any files you like there - most of your files will contain HTML, CSS etc which are small text files. Even if your site offers videos and you somehow end up with 1000 videos of 5Gb each you are still only going to use under 5Tb of total space. To use more space than that you would end up breaching one of the restrictions on number of files or the use of the space so the provider has no reason whatever for needing to limit the amount of space directly.

The Unlimited Bandwidth Part comes with a limit over the Bandwidth which most of the users will never reach out. So it will be considered Unlimited by those.

Down in the bowels of free web hosting they actually delete the accounts of repeat offenders without warning.
This may seem a bit draconian and personally I detest those with that policy,
on the flipside it does force people to write better code… and make offsite backups.

Actually there is nothing unlimited. Unlimted Bandwidth/Disk Space offers means they will give you more and more space what you need. Day by day they will increase depending on your need.

I understand your apprehensions, friend. I myself had a bad experience a couple of years ago, and since then, have steered clear of Unlimited offers. However, some hosts like MediaTemple and JustHost do provide great services on their Unlimited plans. And the company I’m hosting with now, IX Web Hosting, is also giving me good value for my money, despite the fact that it has listed everything as Unlimited. It’s a crude marketing ploy, I know, but it is understandable that they’d use it, seeing the competitive nature of the hosting industry in general.