Unknown robot (identified by 'bot*')

In the awstats, I see “Unknown robot (identified by ‘bot*’)” how do I find out what the bots are please?

Most Likely they are SE bots. Maybe some kind of new SE.
Can you please provide more information about it Or “Unknown robot” is all what you know about it?

“Unknown robot” is all that is seen in the awstats

In this case you need to follow it’s activity - if there is nothing suspicious - skip it only.

How do I follow it’s activity ?

Dez, there are two quite recent threads on this very same subject:

Bad Bots Code for Keeping Bad Bots Out Not Working
Stopping Robots Using Vowels

You might want to take a look at those :slight_smile:

Many thanks ScallioXTX am looking into those threads now.

These unknown bots can be the new search engine bots which are generally not very harmful for the site. But you need to keep a watch that it shouldn’t harm your websites.

When you say, ‘follow it’s activity’, how do you personally follow it’s activity, when all you see in the awstats is ‘unknown bot’?

Try searching the log files - that’s where Awstats gets its info from.

Thanks Stephen, I assume you can get to the log files from the cPanel?

Yeah ?