Universal template stack

So i needed a breakup of data flow. Between content, Content features, Things we want to do with those features, And putting those manipulations on screen.

Here was the pic. Each layer is a premade template with reusable object code that processes the data that is gathered in the conception/motivation phase, Into the information phase which then gave us options of things to do with these (conceived functions). Lastly was the review or result of these shown on a display or screen.

These template stacks had no subject or specification. they were premade reusable, And the specifications were added

Do you have a question @steveheivly?

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Yes i have a question here as well as my other posts. I seem to have some idea of what to do. I need to define my needs and objectives more. But I was organizing The stack into premade templates which will handle itself (each layer). From each of the layers on the stack according to some organizational scheme. Perhaps i need input. what i am doing right, wrong. Or how any of my words or pics make sense and don’t make sense. I know how to turn all these to code. but i was avoiding code because i was doing the DESIGN FIRST!!!. We didn’t really understand how to simplify these into organizers (for each layer). That handle each layer (display, interaction, information and data). We were just learning about information architecture, And how knowledge bases work from aspects of data to acquire relevant and meaningful INFORMATION ASSETS. At the information level. These were intended to create a template for a website that could manage and display big data. So i needed to simplify everything and organize it all into templates on a stack. The layers will communicate. And the structure of the stack will be the working engine of the system. Looping an update to the display, As it processes the layers below the display layer as well.

Here was another attempted sketch at the design

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