Unit Testing


I’m trying to figure out how to do unit testing and am having difficulty finding any good tutorials on the subject that seem to cover much beyond the PHPUnit github guide. I use netbeans personally, which I have been trying to work with getting it hooked into in addition to attempting to expand my knowledge on the topic, and just really need help getting pointed in the right direction. That and any helpful pointers people might have on the subject would be simply amazing.

I just seem to be spinning my wheels at that extremely frustrating uphill portion of relearning methodology and thought; Hey, maybe someone can help get me out of this rut.

Hi mate,

Have you come across this tutorial before? It seems to be pretty good and it’s quite recent.

Do you have PHPUnit installed OK (you can run it from the command line)? And are you able to run it from Netbeans?

Isn’t it, it has a manual?

I don’t use unit test personally, unless the client is willing to pay me extra hours to Test Driven his website/Apps.

How about this?,