Unique site, need some help

Ok, I have the rare opportunity to run a website for a professional baseball player, who is now a manager. He does not care too much about his site, and I used to run it years ago. However, I care, and I want it to look good for him. For ease of operation, I was considering Wordpress. There will need to be a store, but I do NOT want the store to be the landing page. Instead, I would just like a shop button to be available in the menu to navigate to it. Paypal is fine for the processor.

Can anyone recommend a nice theme with these functions, that I can easily add a customer header too, along with a Join Mailing list option and Social media (Facebook) primarily?

Would also like to pull in RSS feeds from his MLB team site.

Thanks everyone.


While I haven’t used a store plugin for Wordpress personally, couldn’t you just use any store template you like and just specify the homepage to be a content-page as opposed to a product listing page?

I’ve previously looked at the ‘Wootique’ theme from Woothemes which is a nice simple layout with both blog and store pages available. If you set the homepage to the blog section as opposed to the store section it will look like a ‘normal’ blog until they click over to the store.

Honestly? If you need full functionality built within the site then I wouldn’t go down the WordPress route. It’s okay for blog-like sites, but it sounds like you’ll want to add a lot more to this site and there’s definitely far more you can do if you get yourself a proper CMS.

If you want a modern CMS to build from then I would recommend Concrete5 or if you’re able to work with ASP.NET I’d use [url=http://www.umbraco.org]Umbraco. Both are fantastic CMS’s that blow the likes of WordPress and Drupal clear out of the water.