Uninitialized value in numeric eq (==)

I’m using a PHP script, and my web host support was looking into another issue found this error in the Apache error log:

[Mon Nov 24 22:44:48 2014] [error] [client…] Use of
uninitialized value in numeric eq (==) at uu_upload.pl line 350.,
referer: http://…com/uploader.php

Line 349 thru 353 (of uu_upload.pl) shows:

# Force 'redirect_using_location' if user does not have a javascript capable browser or     using embedded_upload_results
if($query->param('no_script') || $query->param('embedded_upload_results') == 1){
	$main::config->{redirect_using_js_html} = 0;
	$main::config->{redirect_using_location} = 1;

Can you help me remedy this? Or provide some info. I have no idea what it all means.

What does $query->param(‘embedded_upload_results’) return?

This means that there is a numeric comparison with ==, but something in the comparison wasn’t initialized.

What this probably means is that this :

$query->param('embedded_upload_results') == 1

equals unitialized value == 1, which means that the parameter ‘embedded_upload_results’ doesn’t exists, aka wasn’t sent by the browser of the user to your script.

It seems that this script comes from an upload file product of some sort, what is the ‘product’ or class you’re using?

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