Unexpected characters on file.js when opening it with editor

Hi, I’ve opened a file with my editor, Komodo, and see what it looks like! What’s this?

Thanks in advance!

Is the JavaScript file available for others of us to investigate too?

Yes, sure. To do that, I opened the file, and I see a the html (sorry it’s an html), but when it finishes opening, I have the unexpected code. Went to Edit current file settings in Komodo Edit 8. And I attach the photo of what it says. Also, paste the characters here and this is what they look like: http://jsfiddle.net/Assembly21/62j9e/.
I guess that what may have happened is that I created the html from resaving a previous js file.

I don’t think that anything definitive can be determined without an actual file that exhibits the problem, let alone a solution either.

Where or how should I post the file?

Put it in an archive of some sort (zip, rar, tar etc) then attach it to a post (Advanced > Paperclip).