Understanding Majestic, Ahrefs, and Google CSV and Backlinks

Need some reliable input on how to remove those backlinks that are hurting my site(s). I have been to the three mentioned in the subject and have downloaded the csv files for each. Also trying to get a hands on how to read these, how to review the content snippets and see if they are the right caliber.

Can I remove the bad links myself or do I really have to contact the “Webmaster” and beg to have them remove these links. Have many more questions but don’t want to put to much into one post.

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You can not remove links as you don’t have access to the site that produced them. What you can do, is “deny affiliation” with Google’s “disavow tool”.
I wouldn’t get my knickers in a twist over “bad” links just yet, unless that has been the cornerstone of your SEO. If that is the case, then it is likely your site would need a complete revamp or maybe even start from scratch.

Really appreciate your response benbob. So being sure before confirming or asking for approved links outside (external linking) one should investigate a little deeper. I haven’t used any linking service and have heard that this can cause problems. Am I On the right track?

I have no idea what you mean. Without specifics details, I can not give a specific answer. Mind you, giving specific details does not guarantee that I can give you a specific answer either, but it does up the chances.
In general: if you haven’t been creating lost of spammy links, it is unlikely Google will burn you.

My bad, just the facts that I’ve never used automatic link building software, ie. SEnuke, ARM, etc. Looking for advice on how to interpret the above csv files. On my part I need to go back and review the basics.

Creating back links, good back links is the goal.