Understanding CSS Positioning

Googling is part of the job. It’s not a luxury; it’s a necessity. The developer mindset is often more important rather than knowing the proper syntax for DOMXPATH in PHP. I’d rather have a developer who can Google that and implement it based on Googling. I’d rather have someone who can adapt via searching. Not someone who is terrible at searching yet supposedly knows a lot. New things comes out? Worthless.

That’s my point. That’s my point exactly. Googling for a solution should take no more than a minute or two. You spending hours and hours researching is just plain absurd. It’s really ridiculous sounding. Judging from that comment, and the questions asked here, it’s really obvious to me / everyone here that you don’t quite know how to fully utilize google and search engines.

It should be insanely faster to Google, rather than ask on here. Asking on Sitepoint should be about stuff you have searched for online, yet have yet to come up with a solutuion for. Some unique code problems (which you don’t ask about really) often warrant posting on here. That’s fine. Heck, last week I posted 3 JS questions or something like that.

I definitely Googled beforehand trying to get help. And within some more googling / trying, I solved it myself. Yay for Google skills.

The point of Google is to find information instantaneously.

Not within 3 hours.

I have been reading up on HTML5 and H1’s for the last 5 hours. Lots and lots of reading and with circular answers at best. Because that topic is so murky, I won’t get a quick answer on it, but normally I would, so it isn’t ridiculous to spend hours researching things.

(Unlike some, I don’t just take the first answer and run with - I prefer to thoroughly research things, which takes longer than having some of you just point me to the best answer.)

I get what you are saying, and I try - and I will try harder in the future.

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