Uncertain issue, code breakdown on my site? Looking for explanation and help

My site is http://barrybecause.com and I am continually getting a total breakdown on the HOMEPAGE only.

The problem is sporadic it seems and I am attaching a screen shot of what the website looks like when loaded. Same in all browsers I tested.

I don’t know what is causing the problem or even what the exact problem is. Any help?

I would hazard to say it’s a problem with your header() ( I am guessing you are using Wordpress). Your entire TOP OF YOUR HTML IS MISSING, as such your styles are not being applied, or applied properly. Are you using a different file for your homepage header as for your other pages? Make use, when including alternate files that the you have the correct file path (or better yet use an absolute path… in other words “http://mysite.com/dir/dir2/dir3/file.php” instead of “…/…/file.php”) , which may be the cause of the sporadic errors.

Hope that helps. GO BARRY!

Hmm. I don’t believe I have altered theme in any such way or am using/changed theme files for header and other pages. I will try and re-upload maybe?

Very odd. On first load, I got the whole page, and then refreshing the page most of it was gone—everything from here up:

<!-- #sidebar –>

… which is most of the page.

Perhaps there’s something on the page that intermittently fails and kills the page load. You might have to strip out bits, then test, to see what’s causing it.

I am using a theme from same developer on a separate site and get the exact same problem. Now I’m guessing it must be a plugin issue? However, I tried deactivating matching plugin’s on both sites and still found breakdown… :confused:

See attached screenshot

Hm, very odd. I’ll move this to the CMS forum to see if anyone there has some ideas.