Unblock a Port - Networking

Does anyone know how to unblock a Port so Telnet can connect to it and how do you test to see if Telnet can connect to a port ? I’m having a bit of trouble finding the right source of information for this online.

Unblock on which end, your computer or the server?

What firewall is each computer running?

Are there hardware firewalls (like a wireless router) in between?

If you are planning to use telnet to connect to a server, you should reconsider. It’s not a secure communication mechanism, and no production server should even run the telnet server. Use SSH instead, preferably with key pairs instead of a password.

My computer, No FireWall the default Microsoft one is turned off, no hardware firewalls not using Telnet to connect to a server just on the OS :slight_smile:

Err what are you going to telnet to then? Telnet is a protocol for connecting to shells on remote computers.

I have to Telnet a port that is what I was instructed to do, to open a specific port and then telnet it to make sure it’s working.

So what happens when you open a command prompt and type “telnet localhost <portnum>” ?

Error: Telnet is not recognized as a internal or external command.

I assume you have all the Telnet services running and installed/configured correctly. It seems strange you would use it on a standalone machine or are you trying to Telnet a local router?

Have you tried to PING and TRACE the host(s) and default gateway respectively try that first as the Telnet Protocol is layer 7 and PING is Layer 3. Also it may be useful to use; netstat.

You should be able to unblock ports with Windows Firewall configuration settings anyway.

I had to install Telnet it appears that it has something to do with the program, I can’t comment more because it’s unassociated with this thread, if it comes back related to this thread I will update…