Unauthorized fees www.247-host.com Cheater

Unauthorized fees www.247-host.com Cheater
I have been normal use, suddenly one day, all the accounts have been suspended, they sent an email to me, reads as follows:

The reason your account is suspended because your Starter reseller account comes with
20GB bandwidth per month.

Last month the bandwidth usage on your account was 81GB, which we ignored considering it
was the first time you exceeded the bandwidth.

However this month again your account has already used 65GB bandwidth.

We will need you to upgrade your account to Advanced reseller plan that gives 100GB
bandwidth. The cost is $131.89/year and there is unused amount of $7 from previous
payment of starter plan.

Please send payment of $124.89 USD to our paypal account [email]sales@247-host.com[/email] and we will
activate the account immediately and upgrade it.

Liar, this is a new site, less than 100 visits a day, how would there be 81GB,Now, I do not want to use their services, I have to get back my site files and email, but they do not give,They said, do not pay, I did not get my files,How can i do?

If I were you I wouldn’t just assume they are lying to you about your bandwith usage.
I just googled some reviews of the hosters, and none of them seem to have the problem you’re having, which leads me to believe their data traffic monitoring is not at fault here.
Maybe you have some fairly huge files on the hosted (willingly, or put there by some hackers) that get downloaded quite a lot? That doesn’t count as a visit but still uses data traffic.
Or maybe you are (willingly, or spammers got to your e-mail account) sending a bunch of e-mails, which also don’t count as visits but also generate data traffic.

In short, if I were you I would ask the host if they can give you a complete break-down of all data traffic (data traffic split to HTTP, FTP, SSH, e-mail, etc, per day) which should give you an insight into what’s going on exactly.

They do not provide any data, only give me a total, absolute is a fake.They said, do not pay, I did not get my files. No reminder prior,Now my files have become hostages.

Surely you have backup copies on your own computer. Having the only copy of your files as the one on the hosting provides lots of ways that you can easily lose them so having backup copies is absolutely essential for any site.

If, as you say, it is a relatively new site then your web pages probably only take up a Mb or two at most so downloading a copy every time you change something would be trivial.

Having your own backup copies of the files would not only have made it easier for you to re-establish your site elsewhere, it would also have made it easier to contest that you used the bandwidth the host claims since you would have been in a position to supply them with a list of the files that are supposed to be on your hosting and they could then check if it were any of those using up all the bandwidth or something that you didn’t put there.

Backup is yours it is personal. In any case I think that lesson is learned. For the future I recommend you have at least 2-3 copies of your web site. That will allow you to move easily.

Liar, this is a new site, less than 100 visits a day, how would there be 81GB

Show them your stats. perhaps they think you are someone else?

“81GB, which we ignored” on a 20GB bandwidth? I srsly doubt someone would ignore such ammount of unpaid bandwidth. But if they really did, i think i found my next host :slight_smile:
Do you have a log on your site?