Unauthorised UpTimeRobot

Hello, all,

The other day, we received an email from someone in network security informing us that they were seeing an unusual amount of traffic from “UpTimeRobot”. I looked it up in Google, and learned that it’s a company in Turkey that will monitor your website and alert you if it goes down.

We did not authorise UpTimeRobot to do this. Has anyone else experienced this?



UpTimeRobot is a service people use to monitor websites via HTTP. No one requires anyone else’s permission to monitor a site via HTTP; however, I’ve never noticed unusual spikes in traffic by them, either, so you might want to verify it’s actually them?

In any case, if so, that just means that someone is monitoring when and if your site is down.

Edit: Here’s a list of their monitoring locations and the IPs for those locations, to verify for yourself

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