Unable to send more than 500 emails from website

I have developed email newsletter.But it gives error if i send emails more than 500.
It works fine upto 400 emails.
Please help me to resolve this problem.
Thanks in advance.

How do you send them? What error do you get?

Yes, what gives the error? It’s dangerous to send too many emails at once. Your ISP will think you are a spammer. Best to batch them out in lots of 50 (or thereabouts).

Many hosting providers place a limit on how many emails you can send in an hour. 500 sounds like the sort of limit they would use. The way around it is to set up a script that sends a few emails, waits a while and then sends a few more - keeping under the hourly limit and sending them out over several hours.

If you want to send more than a thousand or so emails then you should look into using an email service.

could you posted the error ? so i can help you!

If you’re not using a proprietary email service such as constant contact or mailchimp, the likelyness is that your hosting provider or ISP will only allow a certain amount of emails to be sent per hour.

Please note though that they may require evidence that these email addresses were ‘opted in’ to your subscriber list as opposed to ‘bought’, which may otherwise be illegal and you could get blacklisted if not sued.

To be safe, go with a proprietary email service, it’s relatively cheap and they provide great tools and service at the same time.