Unable to save images in Joomla content


I have a Joomla website. I got everything running fine. But I installed the Joomla Content Editor component in my joomla site. It worked fine otherwise. But I had to apply a map to an image. I created the map in dreamweaver and added the code to editor edit code area. After that I applied the map id to the image through JCE an on clicking Joomla Save button, all the content in the article was lost.

Since then I am not being able to Save images to the content. I have uninstalled JCE.

If I use tinymce now and add image to content, on clicking joomla Save button, I get an error message from Joomla that says: 500 - An error has occurred! and no content is saved.

If I use no editor even then the image code is stripped off. While the text content saving is working fine.

Can someone give me some idea what can be the reason even after I uninstalled the JCE.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Thanks everybody who looked into my post and put in their time.

I got my problem resolved. I noticed that all my HTML tags were being stipped off. This meant that there is something that is filtering HTML. I found the option in article manager parameters where filtering was ON for Super Administrator account. Removing the filter, it all works fine for me.

The only thing that I still did not understand is that how the filtering got automatically enabled in this process, because I am sure I did not do this manually.

But I am happy to have everything back working.