Unable to open image in browser

I want to bring an image in mozilla internet browser or google chrome by the html programming. But whenever i use <img> tag with the image path in dreamweaver, the image dont appears in the browser. Cant understand the problem. plz help?

have a look at this

Which path are you using?

What is the absolute path to the image?

i am using the absolute path to the image starting from the drive to the image name.

i am using the absolute path to the image starting from the drive to the image name.

when you say you can’t see this with dreamweaver, is your code being uploaded to a server?

If the page is online, you don’t use your drives. You use path from the server.

But if this is still all local on your machine, your path must still be wrong… test by typing in the path from drive in the address bar. If the path is right, you’ll see the image. If it’s wrong you might see a message saying file doesn’t exist. (I don’t have windows so I’m not sure what it says)

the server is local. i already checked the image path name in the address bar. I this case, the browser shows the image. But whenever i try with html in dreamweaver, the browser fails to show it.

Can you post the code of the img tag?

Its- G:/Files/image.jpeg

The above path i am using in html programming, in the <img src=“”> tag.

After running in the dreamweaver, the address shown in browser, is-


But the image dont shows up.

The IMG has to be relative to the page and somewhere wasn’t the word ‘server’ used in which case it’s very unlikely the file:// will be the correct URL. It also looks like the image is at a higher level than the page in question and DW is working from somewhere else for the site.

Try changing the extension from .jpeg to .jpg. That might do it.

Try changing the path to ../../image.jpeg. Even if this does work, however, it is unlikely to work on a web server.