Unable to link to a particular section of a page from another page using #

I’m trying to link to one section of a tabbed page from another page using the page.html#div_id technique but it’s not working for me. Doesn’t this technique work with tabs??? The site is at yourdemosite.in and I’m trying to link from the Therapies section on that page to a particular tab on the Therapies.html page (apart from many other such links), appreciate any suggestions…


It looks like it is working fine; you have #one and #two and it targets those.

When I test the links, all 3 (#one, #two and #three) land up on the first tab, instead of the second and third tabs respectively. That isn’t how it’s supposed to work, is it???

It works fine with JS off, but once you bring JS into the mix, it stops working the way you want, because those tabs have to be triggered by JS.

I surf without JS enabled so that would explain why it worked for me as those fragment identifiers were marked up correctly so it just goes to show pure markup rocks.

So, no workaround at all??? Other than turning off JS that is…

Possibly some fancy JS solution, I’m not sure. We could move this to the JS forum if you like.

Hmmm, i wanted to keep the site as simple as possible, ralph :(… guess i should’ve chosen a simpler template then huh :)…anyways, should i post a new thread in the JS forum?

Probably best to do that, yes. :slight_smile:

okey dokey, will do that…