Unable to figure out console error

Pretty self explanatory. I have a console error that is the following:

Uncaught TypeError: (intermediate value)(intermediate value)(intermediate value)(...) is not a function(anonymous function) @ main.js:418
(index):8 Uncaught TypeError: $(...).sticky is not a function(anonymous function) @ main.js:94c @ in_layout_head-2b4f7d300f8d36ae59b37e6a43537d6f.js:24f.fireWith @ in_layout_head-2b4f7d300f8d36ae59b37e6a43537d6f.js:24it.extend.ready @ in_layout_head-2b4f7d300f8d36ae59b37e6a43537d6f.js:24s @ in_layout_head-2b4f7d300f8d36ae59b37e6a43537d6f.js:14nrWrapper @ (index):8

http ://mi amival ley.fin alsite.co m/

Anyone have an idea? I’ve tried uncommenting JS, but it’s not proving to be useful. I could use a second pair of eyes.

Got it. This ONE line caused all my JS to kapoot. Not sure why since the plugin is included…investigating further.

$("#fsHeader .fsBanner .site-info-container").sticky();

I guess my plugin file got corrupted somehow. I re-uploaded a new copy of the plugin and all is well.



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