Un-Register Domain

I am designing a site for my friend who already contacted start.biz about her domain and it looks like they have already registered the domain. Unfortunately they prices are not what we are looking for and she has contacted them to inform them that she not longer needs them, as we need cheaper.

Will the domain name become available to register else where or do we need to ask them to unregister the domain?

Thank you felgall, you have hit the nail on the head!

But do you think that the few days refered here:

is the 60 days Debbie I is refering to: ??

Do i need to wait a total of 60 days?


Registrant is the OWNER of the domain name (okay, technically just the person who registered the domain name on behalf of the owner) and that is the CRITICAL issue. The registrar is the organization (company) which the registrant registered the domain name. In other words, the OWNER of the domain name may transfer his/her domain name between registrars but always owns it (unless it is not renewed) while the registrar is the (temporary) agent of the owner with the ICAAN contact.

Since I have no idea what the legal obligation your client has with the registrar/host (NOT a good idea to combine - see other posts), you’ll have to sort that out with your client who will have to deal with the registrar/host. At worst, she’s out 300 pounds for the registration and one year’s hosting - transfer well within that period.



This can be unregistered by your Registrar if it is recently purchased.
If you have paid through Paypal, you submit a dispute or refund request, ask your registrar to cancel the domain, once iot is cancelled you can register the same from another place at cheaper price.

Good luck.


man plz register the domain name first ok thanks


Did the company register the domain FOR your client or on their own behalf. If they registered FOR your client, then she MUST pay them their registration fee (+ “handling fee”). The 60 day question is for domain transfers - they can’t be moved then moved again. I’m not sure whether this applies to a new domain or not.

Check a WHOIS site to see who is the registered owner of the domain name. If it’s your client, she can contact the registrar and get the login details for you - then you can REPLACE the original company AND transfer it to a different registrar (perhaps after the 60 day waiting period).

Good answers so far but the registered owner can do whatever she wants with the domain name (after she pays for it).



I suppose now you need to be patient about that domain name and allow it to expire. I suppose that is not a fortune (I mean the price of domain name).

Thanks DK.

The Registrant is my client. The Registrar is the company she contacted. So I am not sure what the difference is between Registrant and Registrar??

Would it be possible to contact the company and pay for the registration for the domain and not the server space (the total price was £300 per year, their site states £30 for .co.uk registration)

I have never come across anywhere that requires any paperwork to purchase a new domain.

If the domain is already owned by someone else then the only option you have is to buy it from them for whatever price they want to charge for it.

If it is a new domain not currently owned then doing an inquiry to see if it is available usually results in the registrar you use to do the inquiry reserving it for you for a number of days so as to make sure no one else can buy it during that time. Of course it also means that during that period you can only buy it through them. If the domain is still listed as unavailable a few days later it means that the domain has actually been purchased by someone and the only way to obtain it after that is to find out who owns it and offer to buy it from them.

It sounds like what might have happened in this instance is that the purchase went far enough for the registrar to actually register the domain and that they now own it because the buyer hasn’t paid for it. If that is the case then the only option is to either complete the purchase through them or hope that they only registered it for 12 months and are going to allow it to expire after that.

Paperwork? :confused:

Is this an entirely new domain, or are you attempting to purchase it from someone who had it up for sale?

Why? Is your 60 day waiting period over?

Thank you Force Flow and MyDomAinZ.us.

What she did exactly was contact the company to buy the domain, they sent her paperwork to sign. She never signed them or paid any money (as this is when i stepped in) and she recently told them she doesn’t need them any more. This was a couple of weeks ago now and it is still taken.

I will ask her to call again and see if they will cancel the domain. Is it likely that they will refuse knowing that we need the domain but with another provider?

What 60 day waiting period are you referring to? There is no waiting period for buying new domains - if the domain is available you can buy it now without any wait at all and if someone else already owns it then you can’t buy it at all unless they want to sell.

Whomever purchased it owns it until it expires.

Unless, it’s being held for domain tasting: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domain_tasting

However, if you or your client owns it, you can transfer it from one registrar to another. There is sometimes a 30-90 day grace period after the purchase date before you can do that.