Un-Check checkbox in form if other checkbox is checked and vice versa

Right… CootHead… my reading skills need brushing up (ref to Alex LOL) :upside_down_face:

as I have a self deprecating nature I
prefer to use the lower case form of…


…so as not to attract to much attention. :winky:

My pet Camel thinks you are not properly considerate of his Case !

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I would be really irritated as a client/manager to learn someone has sunken so much time into a problem that can easily be solved using recatcha via google. I suppose that is what daily scrums are for… It just seems really stubborn to not implement a solution well known to solve this problem. Instead resort to wasting time and money reinventing the wheel. That is the last person I want part of my team…


So you ? Missed the post where i said i was clearly avoiding Google due to their lack of ethics as a company…

Link… Google Promises reCAPTCHA Isn’t Exploiting Users ?

and you also ? Missed the post where i said i was playing (as in R&D) innovating, experimenting and trying to understand artificial intelligence and web bots and captcha’s and spam…

Link… Internet bots - Filling forms

2nd Link… Why Web Bots Fill In Forms

and that it was being done for reasons of innovation, learning, education and possible invention to evolve my company…

that is embarrassing on your part… but Thanks ?

I think that cyman was playing up the part of being a client or manager very well. After all, it’s an extremely rare event for a client or a manager to read everything given them. :slight_smile:

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Why not turn it into a radio button and style it to look like a checkbox?

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