Ultimate SEO strategy - What is the loophole?

I’ve been thinking and pondering over this for a while now and have found no glitch with it whatsoever, so before I start spending money, time and effort for it, I would just like your opinion on how the strategy looks.

I’m planning to build a network of 25 sites on a dedicated server from seohost.com
It costs about 300 bucks per month but entirely dedicated so my IPs would remain clean and no downtime at all.

Then, I plan on buying a scrapebox license and using blog commenting to make those 25 sites PR 3 each.

Then I plan on using those 25 sites to make the rankings on my money site higher.

I will interlink these 25 sites too for further juice.

Do you see any sort of glitch with this strategy of mine?

I’ll be spending 300 bucks a month on a dedicated server from SEOhost.com and 100 on a scrapebox license.
I’m also thinking of purchasing a $500 xrumer license but I’ve heard xrumer spam gets you blacklisted real fast, so I’m not too sure about that.

So that will be another 25 pointless spam sites then :wink:

Ha - I read one once, about three years ago on what was the true color of black-hat SEO… :lol:

Me-ow! There are some legitimate SEO discussions (and services) on DP.

I don’t think that’s a good idea, all other site are from one IP?

You know it may work, buy don’t buy all the domain at the same day, buy a new one each month

I think this question would get a better response on the DigitalPoint forums :wink:

I second that!

So you mean you’ll be building your own link farm, where the only purpose of the sites is to link to other sites within the link farm?

<sarcasm>Yeah, Google will love you for doing that</sarcasm>