UK Users Cant See Website

I have a client i built a website for a while ago.
They been saying for a while now that people from UK cant see the site, they just see a blank screen.

We are in the USA and all of us can see the site fine, including the client.

Could anybody from UK see if you could see this site.

thanks in advance.

FWIW, it works fine in Australia. :slight_smile:

Viewing it from here in the UK, I see a blank page. When I block all javascript the page then displays fine. With a quick bit of test script blocking, the culprit script is

The FF error console gives the following error for that script.

Error: currentGeneWatchIssue is not defined
Source File:
Line: 36

thanks for the testing folks.
i really dont get it why a page working in most places wouldn’t work for visitors in the UK.

SpacePhoenix, thanks for the js tips, that gave me sort of an insight on whats causing the problem. I had some js file linked in the head section for the menu. They need a js variable set (i set it dynamically on code behind) before they can generate the menu. The way i was setting the variable probably was the problem; browser probably was getting it as null.

I have recoded that part so the variable is declared first, then the javascript files get attached.

Could you do another test see if it works. (if you tested this earlier, please clear the cache before testing).

Works for me :tup:

congratulations to us all! :slight_smile:

thanks for the testing spikeZ. now i gotta make sure with the client.

Update: Apparently we got the problem solved. I had the client confirm they have their UK and France offices see the site ok now.

Thanks to all. Special thanks to SpacePhoenix!

It works fine this end,viewing the site using FF from near London and it seems fine.

i’m from UK. i have opened this website and it works fine. No issues