Uk search results only


Is there away to use a meta tag or robbot file so that search engines will only display my results to UK market?

I have a very niche web site that is targeted to the UK market only.


What StevieD said is spot on… you can’t tell search engines to restrict results to a certain audience.

You’ll get visitors from all over the world, so it’s up to you to make it clear on your site what restrictions exist when a potential customer wants to interact with you.

If you don’t want people signing up from countries outside the UK, then you need to find a way of restricting registration, such as a valid postcode, to authenticate themselves.

Ok thanks, I think I am slowly geting this! :shifty:

anybody know the answer to this?

Thanks Stevie,

Yes my domain is, no my server will be USA hosted (as i understand it, location is not that relevent as long as you have

My site is a community site based at the UK market only, I dont really want sign-ups from abroad.


If your site uses a UK domain name, hosted on a UK server, and makes lots of references to being in the UK, this will often lower its position slightly on searches conducted elsewhere. But in general, you don’t want to burn your bridges - there could well be good reasons why someone (apparently) searching from a US-based computer would want to find your UK-based site.