UK english developers - do you internationalise (ize) your variable names?

As a developer in England, the Americanized (sic) (or should that be internationalized) spelling used in programming languages such as PHP, while not exactly difficult to get used to, leads to other questions. If I’m altering my native spelling of things like colour (to color) and serialise (serialize), should I be consistent with my variable names: $colour or $color?

Not that it matters. Just wondered what other limies were doing.

My default state is English (aka “British English”), unless the coding standard of the particular project I’m working on dictates otherwise (not all of them give two hoots about variable name spelling).

Should you be consistent with your variable names? Yes! Consistently British English. (:

British English is international English. It is the US English that is a local anomaly.

I’m not native English speaker but from what I know ‘serialize’ is also correct in Britain:

I use British English too, I find it easier to read and type than American English. Weird, I know.
I tend to avoid Dutch variable names at all costs, that just doesn’t work at all.

This topic reminds me of something ScallioXTX showed me a while ago: :smiley:

You are correct. I really, really should have known better. Though it could be argued that in recent times the social impact of American English has been greater, both worldwide and to an extent even in the UK, and will probably at some point be considered international (I think it already is by Americans)

Very, very funny

I’d say it’s more…tolerated. It’s accepted but acknowledged as being one of those troublesome foreign variations. I don’t care what the dictionaries say!

Weirdly, I have absolute no problem in remembering to write ‘color’ or ‘center’ in CSS every time yet still spell them ‘colour’ and ‘centre’ when writing body copy, etc.

elseif isnt english either, but you have no trouble remembering it - your brain has (correctly) isolated PHP as a seperate language in your head, so when you’re ‘speaking’ (coding) PHP, it’s natural.

You mean “color” and “center” exist as words in languages other than CSS and JavaScript?