UK ASP.NET 4.0 Reseller hosting

Hi I am from the UK, I want to find a good UK hosting company which will meet my needs.

  • Space is not really an issue or bandwidth, it helps but as a learner in I do not really require this at such time.
  • I want to host more than 1 website,
  • I also want to management websites such as a good control panel that allows me to configure II7 i.e. add multiple domains, sub domains, create separate folder application.
  • sql server 2008 express or normal
  • More than 1 database.
  • My budget is around £20 pound but cheaper would be better.
  • Do not want any catches

I see lots of hosting but each have conditions and restrictions and is hard to find a trusted hosting company.

I have tried google but no luck.

any help?

I do not know such companies personally but I can recommend you have a look at and I believe there you will be able to find some decent providers for your region.

ServerPoint is right. Also, try to ask from other forum sites in your region. :wink:

I found one called euk host. Seems good so far and 24 7 support is great.