UI Tabs Display


I was wondering why the tabs on this page do not look right: http://kidsunlimited.co.uk/nursery.aspx?ID=1

It should look like this: http://kidsunlimited.co.uk/faqs.aspx

Why am i getting this formatting issue?

Thanks again

What’s a Rocky Body class??

Yeah but I was at work and then my mom had me take a Rock Body class at her at the gym…didn’t get time to be on here :).

Glad you got it sorted anyway ;). I’ll get you next time.


Sorry yes, i managed to fix it :slight_smile:

You normally reply within minutes… :wink:

Thanks Ryan

Any ideas??

Hi, I’m assuming this is all browsers since you failed to specify :0

I can’t see anything different between the two pages, did you manage to fix this?

PS-Give us more then a few hours to respond :).